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Game of Thrones has no mercy when it comes to killing off your favorite characters, and season 6 has been the most brutal season yet! Whether you love them (like Hodor) or just love to hate them (like Ramsay Bolton), click on a face to find out why your favorite characters had it coming...

As Arya Stark said, "Anyone can be killed." Even Jon Snow...

Game of Thrones: Why did Jon Snow die?

5 Why did Jon Snow die?

It seems like he always does the right thing, but joining forces with the Wildlings against the White Walkers led to a mutiny and his own assassination. Luckily for him, it looks like the Lord of Light isn't done with him just yet...

Game of Thrones has no mercy when it comes to killing off your favorite characters, and season 6 has been the most brutal season yet! Whether you love them (like Hodor) or just love to hate them (like Ramsay Bolton), hover over a face to find out why your favorite character had it coming.

As Arya Stark said, "Anyone can be killed." Even Jon Snow...

Why did Jon Arryn

1 Jon Arryn

Though he never appeared alive in the show, it all started with the death of Jon Arryn, poisoned by Lysa Arryn at Littlefinger's behest, kicking off his gradual rise to power

Why did Lady

1 Lady

Sansa's direwolf was put down in the place of Arya's direwolf Nimeria who attacked King Joffrey but could not be found

Why did Jory Cassell

1 Jory Cassell

Stabbed through the eye by Jaime Lannister, who ordered the death of all Nedd Stark's men as revenge for his brother Tyrion being held in custody

Why did Viserys Targaryen

1 Viserys Targaryen

Unlike his sister Daenerys, he was just a little too impatient and demanding to get ahead (although he did get his golden crown).

Why did Robert Baratheon

1 Robert Baratheon

Preferring drinking and playing over sitting on the throne, the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms suffered a deadly wound while hunting wild boar.

Why did Eddard Stark

1 Eddard Stark

An honorable man, the Lord of Winterfell was beheaded on the order of King Joffrey for standing up for the truth when he rightly challenged his birthright to the throne.

Why did Khal Drogo

1 Khal Drogo

His brutal past as a warrior comes back to haunt him. Turns out witches don't want to heal you after you rape and pillage their village. You never know when the sun will rise in the East...

Why did Mirri Maz Duur

1 Mirri Maz Duur

Burned alive by Danaerys for using black magic to kill her husband Drogo and their unborn child Rhaego

Why did Yoren

2 Yoren

The one who gave Arya the idea to keep a kill list, he died in a fight with Lannister men while protecting Arya after the execution of her father

Why did Renly Baratheon

2 Renly Baratheon

He might have thought he was rightful heir to the throne, but the shadow born of his older brother Stannis and the Red Woman thought otherwise...

Why did Rodrik Cassel

2 Rodrik Cassel

Spit in the face of Theon Greyjoy who killed him only to maintain his already crumbling authority during the taking of Winterfell.

Why did Maester Luwin

2 Maester Luwin

Though critical of Theon's leadership, he was stabbed trying to stop the mutiny against Theon and was later mercy killed by Osha

Why did Qhorin Halfhand

2 Qhorin Halfhand

Tricked Jon Snow into killing him in order to make the Wildlings believe Jon has left the Night's Watch

Why did Irri

2 Irri

Daenerys' loyal handmaiden was strangled by Doreah when she interrupted a plot to steal the dragons. Don't check on the dragons.

Why did Xaro Xhoan Daxos

2 Xaro Xhoan Daxos

This Qarth merchant lied to Daenerys about his great wealth and power (not to mention tried to steal her dragons).

Why did Doreah

2 Doreah

Fooled by Xaro's claims about his great Valyrian wealth, she betrayed Daenerys and was locked in the tellingly empty treasure vault

Why did Jeor Mormont

3 Jeor Mormont

Killed by his own men in the Mutiny at Craster's Keep by trying to please the gods and keeping the peace with his host.

Why did Craster

3 Craster

Killed in the Mutiny at Craster's Keep for being untrustworthy and repeatedly insulting the Night's Watch.

Why did Kraznys

3 Kraznys

The slave trader from Astapor didn't know that Daenerys could speak Valyrian or that dragons stay loyal to their mother.

Why did Ros

3 Ros

Too clever for her own good, this plucky prostitute perished as Joffrey's plaything when she started spying on Littlefinger for Varys and he found out about it.

Why did Talisa Stark

3 Talisa Stark

Robb's new pregnant wife was stabbed in the stomach by Lothar Frey at the Red Wedding

Why did Robb Stark

3 Robb Stark

More interested in love than politics, Robb Stark was brutally murdered at the Red Wedding for breaking his vow to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters.

Why did Catelyn Stark

3 Catelyn Stark

Fiercely protective of her children, she tried to bargain with Frey for Robb's life before her throat was slit. Was this punishment from the gods for not keeping her oath to legitimize Jon Snow?

Why did Grey Wind die?

4 Grey Wind

Shot with arrows by Frey's men, Robb's direwolf sensed his master's impending doom but could not save him.

Why did Joffrey Baratheon

4 Joffrey Baratheon

Why was King Joffrey poisoned at his own wedding? Too many reasons.

Why did Karl Tanner

4 Karl Tanner

The mutineer Night's Watchman almost killed Jon Snow but was first brought down by one of Craster's wives, frequent victims of Tanner's rape and abuse.

Why did Locke

4 Locke

Sent by Bolton to kill Bran and Rickon, Hodor (under Bran's warg control) kills him to protect the boys.

Why did Lysa Arryn

4 Lysa Arryn

Catelyn Stark's eccentric sister Lysa Arryn fell in love with the wrong man, Littlefinger who pushed her out of the Moon Door even after she poisoned Jon Arryn for him.

Why did Oberyn Martell

4 Oberyn Martell

After successfully avenging his sister's death in his trial by combat with the Mountain, Oberyn's death can be attributed to cockiness and his insistence on hearing a spoken confession.

Why did Dongo die?

4 Dongo

The giant was impaled while trying to lift the gate at the Battle of Castle Black

Why did Mag the Mighty

4 Mag the Mighty

Enraged by fellow giant Dongo's death, Mag finds the strength to lift the gate before being killed by Grenn

Why did Grenn die?

4 Grenn

Strong but slow-witted, he died killing Mag the Mighty and successfully holding the Gate at the Battle of Castle Black

Why did Pyp

4 Pyp

The nervous Night's Watch recruit was excited to get one successful kill in, but was then shot in the neck by Ygritte at the Battle of Castle Black

Why did Styr

4 Styr

The cannibalistic Thenn was bludgeoned in the head with a hammer by Jon Snow in the Battle of Castle Black

Why did Ygritte

4 Ygritte

She might have been the best Wildling with a bow and arrow, but she put her guard down for Jon Snow and got shot down by a child in the Battle at Castle Black.

Why did Jojen Reed

4 Jojen Reed

Stabbed by wights at the end of his quest to bring Bran to the Three-Eyed Raven. His prophetic powers warned him of his death beforehand.

Why did Shae

4 Shae

Tyrion strangled the prostitute and love of his life Shae for hooking up with his dad and basically acting like a whore.

Why did Tywin Lannister

4 Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister crossed his son Tyrion too many times and was shot with a crossbow while sitting on the toilet after hooking up with Shae.

Why did Mance Rayder

5 Mance Rayder

As a prisoner of war he refuses to bend the knee to Stannis but is shot with a mercy arrow by Jon Snow before he's burned alive

Why did Janos Slynt

5 Janos Slynt

After repeatedly refusing to follow the orders of Lord Jon Snow, Slynt finally pushes it too far, begging for mercy before Jon decapitates him.

Why did Barristan Selmy

5 Barristan Selmy

The former knight of Rhaegar Targaryen was killed in Mereen fighting the Sons of the Harpy because of his allegiance to Danaerys

Why did Maester Aemon

5 Maester Aemon

The Measter at Castle Black and last Targaryen in Westeros is perhaps the only character on the show to die of old age

Why did Karsi

5 Karsi

Choosing to stay and fight instead of escaping on the boat, she was caught off-guard by the child Wights and turned into one at Hardhome

Why did Hizdahr zo Loraq

5 Hizdahr zo Loraq

His allegiance to his bride to be was questionable, but he was stabbed to death by the Sons of the Harpy, indicating he was loyal to Daenerys after all

Why did Shireen Baratheon

5 Shireen Baratheon

Rejected because of her unsightly Greyscale, her parents allow her to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light by Melisandre.

Why did Selyse Baratheon

5 Selyse Baratheon

Once a religious fanatic quite cold to her daughter, Selyse breaks down while watching Shireen die and faced with the enormity of what she's done, hangs herself

Why did Stannis Baratheon

5 Stannis Baratheon

Right after sacrificing his own daughter, Stannis was executed by Oathkeeper Brienne of Tarth for also using blood magic to kill his brother Renly, to whom Brienne was pledged.

Why did Myranda

5 Myranda

After threatening Sansa, Ramsay's equally sadistic lover was pushed off a ledge by Theon, breaking free from Ramsay's twisted power over him. Ramsay vowed to avenge her death, but he still fed her to the dogs.

Why did Meryn Trant

5 Meryn Trant

Arya marked the first name off her list when she disguised herself as an underage prostitute to kill Trant, who had a hand in her father's execution

Why did Myrcella Baratheon

5 Myrcella Baratheon

Poisoned with a kiss by Ellaria Sand, getting revenge on Cersei Lannister for the death of her lover Oberyn Martell

Why did Areo Hotah die?

5 Areo Hotah

Captain of the Martell guard stabbed in the back by one of Ellaria's Sand Snakes in her quest to avenge Oberyn's death

Why did Doran Martell

6 Doran Martell

Killed by Ellaria Sand, blaming his weak leadership for the deaths of Oberyn and Elia Martell

Why did Trystane

6 Trystane

Star-crossed lovers, Doran Martell's son and Cersei Lannister's daughter were killed by Ellaria Sand, avenging the death of her lover Oberyn Martell

Why did Balon Greyjoy

6 Balon Greyjoy

Theon's ruthless father was pushed off a bridge by his even more brutal brother Euron in a play to take control of the Iron Islands.

Why did Roose Bolton die?

6 Roose Bolton

After legitimizing his bastard son Ramsay, he threatened to take it back in favor of his new son with Walda. Ramsay stabbed him in the stomach, the same way he killed Robb Stark

Why did Walda Frey

6 Walda Frey

Even though Roose Bolton was already dead, she and her baby were fed to the dogs by Ramsay Bolton, removing all threats to his rule of House Bolton

Why did Alliser Thorne die?

6 Alliser Thorne

Showing no remorse even after Jon was brought back from the dead, he was hung by Jon Snow for heading up his mutiny and murder plot

Why did Othell Yarwyck

6 Othell Yarwyck

Hung by Jon Snow for participating in his mutiny and murder

Why did Bowen Marsh

6 Bowen Marsh

Hung by the resurrected Jon Snow for murdering him

Why did Olly

6 Olly

After rescuing the orphan and forgiving him for killing Ygritte, the resurrected Jon Snow hung Olly for participating in the mutiny and luring him to his murder.

Why did Shaggydog die?

6 Shaggydog

Killed by the Umbers when they captured his master Rickon Stark and handed him over to Ramsay Bolton

Why did Osha die?

6 Osha

After being captured with Rickon, she tried to murder Ramsay during a seduction plot but was caught in a lie and stabbed before she got the chance

Why did Hodor

6 Hodor

His life mission was fulfilled when he successful managed to "Hold the door" and allow Bran to escape from the White Walkers.

Why did Three-Eyed Raven

6 Three-Eyed Raven

After marking Bran in a vision, the Night King goes to the cave to find the already escaped Bran and kills the three-eyed raven

Why did Summer die?

6 Summer

Bran's direwolf gave his life protecting his master from the attack of the White Walkers in the cave

Why did Leaf die?

6 Leaf

Sacrifices herself giving Bran, Meera and Hodor time to escape from the White Walkers in the cave

Why did Blackfish die?

6 Blackfish

Chose to die resisting the Lannisters at Riverrun instead of easily escaping with Brienne to fight with the Starks at Winterfell

Why did Lady Crane die?

6 Lady Crane

After Arya refuses to kill the actress (who bears a striking resemblance to her mother) and become a girl with no name, the Waif finishes the job

Why did The Waif die?

6 The Waif

The Waif ended up in the Hall of Faces herself after her fight to the death against Arya who had lots of practice fighting in the dark while she was blind.

Why did Rickon Stark die?

6 Rickon Stark

Captured as the only known surviving Stark male heir, he was easily shot down by Ramsay's arrow when he ran straight across the field.

Why did Wun Wun die?

6 Wun Wun

The giant took one too many arrows breaking down the door of Winterfell, allowing the Starks to enter and defeat the Boltons.

Why did Smalljon Umber die?

6 Smalljon Umber

Despite his disdain for the Boltons, he betrayed the Starks to fight with Ramsay due to his hatred for the Wildlings and was killed by Tormund in combat

Why did Ramsay Bolton die?

6 Ramsay Bolton

After being beaten by Jon Stark, Ramsay was fed to his "loyal" dogs by his former wife Sansa, payback for torturing her and his other victims

Why did Pycelle die?

6 Pycelle

Though more loyal to the Lannisters than to the crown, the shifty old man was killed by Varys' little birds and Qyburn just before the bombing of the Sept. Out with the old, in with the new

Why did Cousin Lancel die?

6 Cousin Lancel

A fervent member of the Faith Militant, Cersei's reformed lover was also lured away by the little birds and tried to stop the Wildfire explosion but was the first incinerated instead

Why did High Sparrow die?

6 High Sparrow

Still pissed about her walk of atonement, Cersei killed the High Septon in an explosion of Wildfire to avoid standing trial for any of her misdeeds ever again

Why did Loras Tyrell die?

6 Loras Tyrell

After being imprisoned by the High Sparrow for months, he died in the Wildfire explosion just after finally giving up and agreeing to join the Faith Militant

Why did Margaery Baratheon die?

6 Margaery Baratheon

Long disliked by Cersei along with the rest of the Martells, King Tommen's wife knew that something bad was brewing, but guards blocked her escape from the Wildfire explosion at the Sept

Why did Tommen Baratheon die?

6 Tommen Baratheon

Long suspected of being too docile to rule, Maggy's prophecy was fulfilled when Cersei's last living child jumped from a window, overwhelmed by the explosion of the Sept.

Why did Walder Frey die?

6 Walder Frey

Another name marked off her "death list," wearing a face Arya served him his sons in pie form and then slit his throat, the same way he killed her mother at the Red Wedding








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