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Slaepwerigne is a hapax legomenon found in the Exeter Book. In this context, Slaepwerigne seems to mean either "weary with sleep" or "weary for sleep".



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What is the meaning and history of the Swedish Dala Horse?

Learn more about the history and meaning of the Dala horse, the red painted wooden horses from Sweden!

Meaning: Red Carved Wooden Dalecarlian Dala Horse from Dalarna, Sweden
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What is a hapax legomenon? What is its significance?

What is the definition of the hapax legomenon? In Greek, hapax legomenon means "something said only once" and refers to any word that appears in a text or work of literature only one time. A hapax legomenon is usually a nonce word, or a word created by the author on an occasion when no other word can communicate the proper meaning given the context. Hapax legomena are not so significant or common in modern, easily translatable literature, but are very important in relation to the Bible and other old, historical texts needing to be translated into foreign languages.

Hapax legomena can pose quite a challenge to translators who usually refer to other instances of a word in a text in order to determine the meaning of any given word. If the word is a hapax legomenon and appears only once in the text, the original meaning of the word as intended by the author is almost impossible to decipher. Translators cherry pick a synonym to stand in the place of the nonce word, leaving the original meaning of the hapax legomenon lost in translation.